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Instructional Material: Lesson Plans

These instructional materials include curriculum-aligned lesson plans, slide decks, and printable activities designed to help engage teachers and make their planning time more efficient.

Responsibilities: Teaching, UX research, UX design, Instructional Design, Project Management 

Target AudienceTeachers

Tools Used: Keynote, Google Suite 


I initiated and led a project aimed at improving teacher engagement during my time at Prodigy Education. I conducted user research to assess what users want and gathered feedback from 280 teachers on a sample lesson plan. I created activities rooted in best teaching practices that would be engaging for students. User feedback indicated that teachers wanted more small-group activities and, as such, I made revisions and developed the final products (examples shown below). Each resource included a slide deck, teaching notes, and printable activities. They were created using Keynote and Google Suite tools. 

Working closely with our marketing team, the set of lesson plans was shared on the company's social media platforms for teachers to download and data analytics were tracked to be able to understand the project's effectiveness in delivering against its goals. 

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