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e-Learning: First-Time Home Buyer Process

This e-learning training module helps first-time home buyers in Ontario, Canada understand the process of purchasing a home. It breaks the process down into 5 easy to understand steps. 

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, e-Learning Development

Target AudienceFirst-time home buyers

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline, Audacity


As a prospective first-time home buyer myself, I found it difficult to keep track of everything I was learning on multiple different websites. I wanted to create a highly interactive e-learning module that home buyers could use as a one-stop resource that would better prepare them for this exciting journey. I created a storyboard and followed instructional design principles to create this module. I included interactions such as click-and-reveal, a knowledge check (drag-and-drop), and captions to make the product more enjoyable. I also used a colour contrast checker to ensure it met the WCAG contrast ratio to increase the accessibility of the content.

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